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Welcome to ASM Electric

We are a family owned fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor based out of San Luis Obispo, CA and our mission is to be the leading electrical contracting option for our trusted partners in the construction industry as well as public or private business and home owners.  Our team has years of experience in all aspects of electrical, data, sound and security system installations in new commercial and residential construction to public works projects and service calls.

All of our staff journeymen level electricians are certified through the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations.  Each has over 8000 hours of on the training and 2000 hour of classroom time where they were instructed on a range of subjects such as AC/DC Theory, Motor Controls, Building Automation, Lighting Design, Solar Systems, National Electric Code (NEC), Code Calculations, Transformers, Conduit Bending and OSHA Safety Practices so you can rest assure that they not only know how to install your system but they understand why its being done and are sure that it is done right.

Our office staff, many of who have years of field electrical construction experience, guide daily operations to insure they deliver projects to the customer on time and on budget. We have developed ways of lower construction costs by using the latest in technology such as computer modeling for conduit layout before our electrician even arrive on site or prefabrication to deliver wiring for entire rooms on a pre-packaged cart.  This mean savings for the customer.

Together our team is family and we are a SAFETY MINDED electrical contractor staffed by professional builders of electrical systems. We have the knowledge and experience for you public works, commercial and residential electrical projects.  Call today @ 805.980.8977 or

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