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Public Works

Here at ASM Electric, one major area we focus on is partnering with city, state, and federal level governmental agencies on wide range of public works projects.  We are knowledgeable  and experienced on how public works projects differ from other sectors of electrical construction such as labor laws, prevailing wage requirements, and certified payroll to additional licensing and insurance requirements.  We have a number of projects completed and look forward to continuing to provide quality electrical installations throughout California.

We are a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE)  as well as Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and can help you as a government agency or as a general contractor fulfill you requirements for DVBE/SBE participation.

Those who partner with us on public works projects will be entitled to the following:

  • State-certified DVBEs are eligible for the state’s DVBE Participation Program. The program sets the goal to use DVBEs in at least three percent of the state’s overall annual contract dollars.
  • State agencies may use a streamlined process known as the “SB/DVBE Option” by contracting directly with a California certified DVBE business for goods, services, information technology and public works projects. The solicitation must be valued at more than $5,000, and the State agency must obtain price quotes from at least two California certified DVBE businesses.

Effective January 1, 2010, the maximum thresholds are:
Goods, Services, or Information Technology – $249,999.99
Public Works – $250,000

Effective January 12, 2012, the maximum thresholds are:
Goods, Services, or Information Technology – $249,999.99
Public Works – $281,000 (Effective 1/30/14: BL 14-01)

We pride ourselves on being the leading C-10 electrical contracting option for our trusted partners.  With our years of knowledge and experience as well as the DVBE/SBE incentive provided by the State of California, public works continue to be a market we intend to grow in.  Contact us today to learn more on how partnering with ASM Electric can help you as a general contractor, specialty contractor or governmental agency procure projects in your area.

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